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Deep Zoom Composer 1.0

Deep Zoom Composer takes advantage of Silverlight's Deep Zoom feature
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Microsoft's Deep Zoom Composer is a nice tool that allows you to prepare images for use them with Deep Zoom feature in Silverlight's applications. Deep Zoom has the ability to zoom and interact with high-resolution images. When an application uses Deep Zoom, the user can manipulate the image and the amount of zoom it has, without affecting the performance of the application. However, developers first have to prepare the image for Deep Zoom use. Doing this manually takes a lot of time and can be tedious as the developer has to create an image pyramid. What Deep Zoom Composer does is preparing an image for using it in Silverlight. You can also import images already prepared and edit them, and, of course, make a composition and export it back so. As with most applications developed for Silverlight, Deep Zoom Composer has a rather dull UI, however, it is simple to use and it does not require much resources. Rather than preparing an image manually, the best option is this utility created by the same people that created Deep Zoom.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Nice quick interface
  • Easy to use


  • Some bugs in the application
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